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7 Ways to Practice the Art of Slow Living in Your Daily Life

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Create More Calm And Rest With the Art of Slow Living


We all know we should probably slow down a bit, but we may not know how to do so in a world that demands more, better and faster.



This is where slow living comes in. For a crash course on what slow living is and its benefits, read: Take the Scenic Route | How Slow Living Can Greatly Improve Your Mental Health.

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7 Ways To Practice the Art of Slow Living Daily


1. Slow Hobbies



  • Painting
  • Lettering
  • Reading
  • Knitting
  • Crocheting



Ok, I have never done knitting or crocheting but I think it’s so cool to be able to make your blankets, scarves, and so many other things. Plus, it does require you to slow down and be in the moment. For me, working with my hands — whether it be painting, lettering, or some other form of art/craft — has calming and even almost therapeutic effects. Give any of these hobbies a try and remember, this list is just a suggestion to get you started.

2. Get up earlier than you need to


You’re probably rolling your eyes right now, and I get it! Here is yet another person telling you to get up earlier (never thought I’d be one of them, by the way), but it really is good advice. I feel better about my day when I get up earlier and am able to have a slow morning.

Getting up 30 mins to an hour earlier than usual can help you feel less stressed and rushed in the mornings. Take the extra time to read your Bible or a devotional, have a hot & balanced breakfast, stretch, etc.

3. Create a journaling habit



  • Gratitude journal — practicing gratitude brings glory to God and opens our eyes and hearts to see even more things to be grateful for


  • The 5 Minute Journal — get it HERE


  • Prayer Journal — This one HERE is by Christian Planner, a Veteran and family owned company which makes beautiful, high-quality planners that also aid you in growing your relationship with Jesus. (I LOVE these planners. Get your Christian Planner HERE)


  • Bible Journaling — If you’re a creative and new to the world of Bible journaling, you’re in for a treat! Bible journaling puts the ART in the art of slow living 😉 There’s tons of videos on YouTube on how to get started with bible journaling + tons of Inspo. One of my favorite accounts is Scribbling Grace. Check her out HERE.



Here are a few supplies I love using:

Faber-Castell Gelatos are super creamy and water soluble. The colors are beautiful. Get them HERE

Decorative washi tape is always a good way to go. Use it on its own or to create designs on your bible pages. Get it HERE

And of course, you need a journaling Bible! I recommend the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (get it HERE) but there are so many to choose from.

If you need more inspiration, Illustrated Faith has some of THE cutest bible journaling supplies and plenty of ideas. Check them out HERE.

4. Take in your surroundings


Take time to simply sit in silence or take a walk and observe the world around you. Let me just say I am not suggesting some type of Eastern meditation. Instead, see this as a time to just spend time with yourself- your feelings, your thoughts. Find a cozy spot, grab your drink of choice and a journal if you’d like and just sit, or take a short walk, taking in your surroundings. I believe we should marvel at the beauty of God’s creation every single day and this is a great time to do that.

5. Eat slowly


Take your time with meals, even if it’s just one meal out of the day. Eating slowly means chewing your food more, pausing between bites, and really savoring your food. Not only do the health benefits include better digestion and avoiding overeating by being aware of when you’re full, but mindfulness can improve your mood and relax you. By really taking our time with something so mundane and simple, we learn to slow down in a way that carries over to other areas of life.

6. Baking


Baking is one of the things that gives me joy. There are few things better than tasting something you baked yourself and watching others enjoy it, too. The tough thing is, it requires patience! Baking is science and you can’t rush the process if you want good results.

7. Quality time


Have a conversation with someone important to you without any distractions. Turn your phone off or leave it in a different room. In a world that facilitates communication in so many ways, connection has become scarce. Connecting is not liking or double-tapping. Nor is just sending a quick DM then forgetting about it. Take time to really connect and give someone your undivided attention! They will appreciate it and return the favor. Connection is something that truly enriches our lives and takes time. So, slow down and connect.

Let me know in the comments below how you’re going to slow down today!

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