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The Right View of the Word of God

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I can’t count how many times I’ve heard or read a misconception of what the Word of God is. I have been guilty myself of believing incorrectly and even treating the Word of God wrongly. I’m sure many other Christians have been guilty of this as well. Yet it is SO important that we have […]

4 Ways Slow Living Boosts Mental Health

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Did you know slow living boosts mental health? We will get into how, but imagine with me for a moment. You’re headed somewhere and it’s a bit of a drive, but you don’t have a set time to get there. Do you take the scenic route or the long way? Or do you aim to arrive […]

7 Ways to Practice the Art of Slow Living in Your Daily Life

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Create More Calm And Rest With the Art of Slow Living   We all know we should probably slow down a bit, but we may not know how to do so in a world that demands more, better and faster.     This is where slow living comes in. For a crash course on what […]

7 Things You Should Know If You’re a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

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Crucial things to know in order to begin healing from child sexual abuse Friend, I wanted to talk about something a little heavy today that I hope will bring you some encouragement. So I’m sharing these seven statements with you that you need to hear if you haven’t already. Maybe you need to hear them […]

8 Meaningful Reasons to Embrace Your Story

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Friend, I See You — unable to embrace your story, Afraid To Let People See The “Real” You, Afraid Of What They Might Say About Your Past, Afraid Of The Blame And Shame. I See You And I Am You.   Though your “story” is not WHO you are, it has played a major role […]

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