The Heart Stuff Co. exists to provide you with community and resources that encourage and empower you along your mental health journey, while pointing you to Jesus,

so that you can live boldly and fully as the woman God made you to be.

I see you and I feel you, friend.

I see your struggle with anxiety and depression. I see you desperately wanting new hope and new life. I’ve been there!  And I can tell you that Jesus’ love and redeeming power are the only things that can bring true transformation and healing to our souls and hearts. That’s exactly why I started The Heart Stuff —

To share with you all the wonder, love and might of Jesus Christ. To encourage you to own your story (your past, life experiences, what makes you, YOU) and be empowered by it, instead of broken by it. That is my hope. Give it to Jesus, friend! He is the beautiful redeemer that is making all things new.

Why “ The Heart Stuff?”

I write about the hard things in life that lie at the “heart of the matter”…trauma, depression, anxiety, doubt — these are things we all may go through at some point. Sometimes they can be almost palpable or be buried deep inside. 

I’m not satisfied with surface level anything. I appreciate depth and vulnerability, but  truth be told, I have a love/hate relationship with both. Vulnerability is uncomfortable, yucky, hard— it EXPOSES you — but also, vulnerability is beautiful and essential (bummer).

So I write about the heart stuff in hopes of not only encouraging and inspiring you, but also to put my pen where my mouth is… So to speak 😉

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Hey! I’m Cindy.

Originally from Los Angeles, I’ve lived  in the Pacific Northwest since 2014. Having always loved art and writing, it wasn’t until the pandemic of 2020 that I decided to pursue art seriously and work to build and improve my skills. 

I began posting my art and lettering on Instagram as a way to keep myself motivated and accountable. In the couple years that followed, something else began stirring in me and the direction of that Instagram page changed. 

In 2021 I was invited to write a blog post for SW Women, the women’s ministry at my church. By this time, God had already put in my heart  the desire to share my experiences of growing up in a broken home, mental health struggles, and past trauma and abuse. 

Most importantly, to share the redeeming work God had done and was doing in my life and heart with women who might be going through similar things. Thus, The Heart Stuff Company™️ was born.

Thank you for reading this far. I am no expert nor have I “arrived,” but am learning and growing right alongside you and am so hopeful that this endeavor will be of much value to you!

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